Sunday, 5 February 2012


The VW Campervan myself and Stash had customized in 95 was well and truly smashed! After a few minor crashes and mishaps it looked terrible. So it was time for a new paint job ! We enlisted the services of one Mode 2 who I think just happened to be in the area. We couldn't use the car park of Studio Babylon  as it was way too busy, so we decided to do it at my house in leafy suburb of West London. Mode set to in the afternoon sometime, we where ok it wasn't raining! One of the neighbors complained "don't get bloody spraypaint on my car !) we had to move it. We worked into the night and the new van complete with "Ice Flames" was ready. I think the van was used for a few years, and then I remember Tullyman ringing me a telling me they where gonna flog it as it was always braking down and just became to unpractical , don't know where it ended up.

Mode going over the old design on the rear of van (Pic: Swifty)

Even the roof gets the treatment (Pic: Swifty)

L to R Mode, Kam, Mitchy, Robi (& local nutter who wouldnt leave us alone!) (Pic: Swifty)