Wednesday, 13 April 2011


April 1995. Just after the Fosters Ice 'Street Art' events stash was flown in from New York to paint a 21 window Samba VW campervan. It took ages to find and eventually came from Sweden I think. I was well into v dubs at the time and had a beetle (seen in the pics) and a convertible karmann Ghia which I still have. It was my idea to find a van to customize for fosters to use a promotional vehicle for the campaign. Over a cold weekend we set to with Buntlack and stencils, it had to be finished for monday morn , MOT'd,  Taxed and then off to an event. More pics coming soon of the finished van when I can find em!

L-R, Tullyman, Richard, Stash and Noah from vegetable vision
The first stencil goes on !

Tullyman perusing the progress end of day 1

Swifty adding some more Buntlack white and sporting the new Subware cap courtesy of Stash
Starting to take shape !

Old skool rims !
Stash rocked a wild style piece with POSCA for the back window

Stash applying some more paint, after the Buntlack ran out on Sunday and London Graphics was closed!  That was it I had to drive to Camden to a car shop to pick up some crap english CARPLAN paint. Stash was suitably worried about it, sorry we didint have KRYLON or RUSTOLEUM ! 

To add a few finishing touches I added some pinstriping with POSCA
We added some stencils at the end 

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

New Studio !

Very early studio shots of Unit 65 Pall Mall deposit. Hoxton was getting way too trendy ! and after two burglaries I decided to uproot and head West! Fred was the only other studio member at that time, he was mixing graphic design with Djing as his alter Ego 'Fred Leicester' and taking the odd day off to persue his musical ambitions later to be known as Lemon Jelly!

Contents Under Pressure at the Tramshed 1997

left is Robbie Bear with Shaun Rollings (then known as DJ Brownswood)

(L to R, Mitchy Bwoy, The Bear, Brownswood and Snafe (Galliano's vibe controller!)
Behind them are the Futura 2000 canvas' which were stunning, word has it that Eric Clapton bought the lot

Two snaps from the show "CONTENTS UNDER PRESSURE" which featured Futura 2000, Lee Quinones and Stash. By the end of May 1997 Mo' Wax was in full effect and from what I remember James Lavelle was very instrumental in organizing this show. At the time this was the must see underground event featuring three of New York's finest ! The tramshed was the venue, well before pop up shows this building is still undiscovered in London's East end even today!


Mode 2 painting installed about 1997/8 ? Entitled Studio Babylon Bound ! acrylic spray paint on hardboard panels. This was erected towards the end of the tenancy of Unit 65 pall mall deposit . the studio was re-arranged to fit in more people !

Photo by Swifty approx 1997