Saturday, 28 May 2011

Pas D'Quartiers / Lille / France (1997)

We all chipped in on the design for this one - event program / posters / flyers etc. The festival itself was officially mental! Highlights include: hanging out with the Wu Tang (actually quite scary!), the event staff fighting & throwing chairs at each other over lunch, Robi pushing me into a mosh pit at the Wu gig.....not to mention the amazing line-up. We barely made it home alive. This event certainly lived up to its name.

Mode 2 vs Swifty exhibition / Manchester (1997)

The Babylon crew definitely know how to put on a show (honest!). Hanging Mode's just finished pieces during the opening provided an interesting spectacle as we rushed them across a busy road from where he was working and into the gallery - navigating the crowd as they arrived - trying not to get wet paint on anyone. The gallery flooding wasn't ideal either! Here's a few pages from the exhibition catalogue.

Thursday, 26 May 2011


Parisian based Mode 2 turned up with Delta to the opening of 'Progress in Work' early December 1996, introduced himself and was soon a firm fixture at Studio Babylon. His incredible skills with a spray can and even more incredible drawing skills kept the other studio members gob smacked and also provided nuff stories and philosophy. He just fitted in perfectly to the vibe and in some ways was the guiding light at Babylon! The studio needed brightening up so Mode set to work on five 8 by 2 hardboard panels. He set up next to the lift shaft and stunk the place out for days! God knows how we never got chucked out of Pall Mall Deposit!

Tuesday, 24 May 2011


On the way to Berlin for the TypoBerlin'97 I bought the Casio Q10 digital camera. At the time it was revolutionary as it was the first real affordable digital colour camera. When I say affordable it was over £300! The colour pics were a whopping 640 x 480 pixels and on reflection look bloody awfull, but at the time we thought they were fantastic. Below are some studio pics and a couple of Mode 2's cap collection which were taken at the 'Progress in Work' show at the Blue Note.


Fred secured a Saturday night down at 'Mars' (what was the Milk Bar )! We tried to do a gig but it never really happened. It lasted 4 months - Crap promotion but great line up apart from Dr Doolittle who couldnt spin for toffee!

Thursday, 12 May 2011


At studio babylon we did like a bit of Dub and Drum 'n' Bass, especially late at nite - the Blue Room speakers took a pounding! Coming up later this month (May 20th) at The Garage in Highbury and Islington is 'Dub to Jungle' if you like heavy bass and nuff riddim then get down to this one - the sound system is by 'Noise control Audio' and features Channel One so its bound to be HEAVY! Hopefully myself and some studio Babylon members are gonna be down there shakin' our booty's. more info

Dub to Jungle Flyer designed by Swifty - promoted by Punch records and Vagabondz


This turned up one day in the post at Studio Babylon, and has stayed pinned on my wall ever since! It serves as a constant reminder of the importance of the New York Graffiti movement and the great documentation by Martha Cooper and Henry Chalfont . An art form which has inspired the members of studio Babylon for years now, even when Graffiti was a dirty word in certain circles we and others like us will continue to be admired and inspired by this ever changing and progressive form of communication. Nuff said.


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