Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Studio Babylon Casio Q10 pics (pt2)

A while back I posted some pics from around '97 from the then new Casio Q10 digital camera. Like I said before in hindsight the photos it produced where rubbish! But it was all we had. I've recently been diggin' in my digital archive again and found some more beauties. So here we have for your visual pleasure is a whole stack of pics from the studio Babylon studio from around '96 or '97.

From the top: L to R. Freezer compartment from the 50's fridge. The studio at night. Caution Wet Floor sign . Fred Deakin's logo. Phillies Blunt. Studio at night again ! Robi's Graffiti. Jazz Power stencil. Space is the place stencil. SNC Award, Found objects and finally Blue Room Speakers and Swifty art !