Wednesday, 14 March 2012


Way back at the start of my career - bloody way back the 80's ! I was lucky enough to work for the don gorgon of the day - Mr Neville Brody. He had hooked up with another Don - Mr Erik Spiekermann and together they hatched a plan, which became the publication FUSE. I was working on some pretty weird and  wonderful fonts in a piece of software called 'Fontastic' which was a bitmap font editor - you could only plot squares (this was before Fontographer) or at least version one of Fontographer - which from what I remember was a bitch to use and was pretty much unusable! All the fonts I designed have long since gone - all backed up on Floppy disks and retired to the scrap heap (see an earlier blog entitled 'Digital Nightmares') Anyhow push comes to shuv and Neville and erik both liked these experiments and I was asked to contribute to FUSE 1 along with Neville (of course) Malcom Garrett and Phil Baines. I was seriously out of my depth, but to this day incredibly honored to have been in such legendary company. The Fuse publication went on for another 18 issues with two planned that never came out due to  the demise of the floppy disc!

Over twenty years on Taschen are about to publish FUSE 1-20 packaged in the iconic cardboard box with all 20 posters , 416 pages and online font library £34.99
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Top - My poster of the font 'Maze' designed for FUSE 1 .
Below left Issue 1 cover and right the new Taschen FUSE 1-20 coming soon