Wednesday, 13 April 2011


April 1995. Just after the Fosters Ice 'Street Art' events stash was flown in from New York to paint a 21 window Samba VW campervan. It took ages to find and eventually came from Sweden I think. I was well into v dubs at the time and had a beetle (seen in the pics) and a convertible karmann Ghia which I still have. It was my idea to find a van to customize for fosters to use a promotional vehicle for the campaign. Over a cold weekend we set to with Buntlack and stencils, it had to be finished for monday morn , MOT'd,  Taxed and then off to an event. More pics coming soon of the finished van when I can find em!

L-R, Tullyman, Richard, Stash and Noah from vegetable vision
The first stencil goes on !

Tullyman perusing the progress end of day 1

Swifty adding some more Buntlack white and sporting the new Subware cap courtesy of Stash
Starting to take shape !

Old skool rims !
Stash rocked a wild style piece with POSCA for the back window

Stash applying some more paint, after the Buntlack ran out on Sunday and London Graphics was closed!  That was it I had to drive to Camden to a car shop to pick up some crap english CARPLAN paint. Stash was suitably worried about it, sorry we didint have KRYLON or RUSTOLEUM ! 

To add a few finishing touches I added some pinstriping with POSCA
We added some stencils at the end